Thomas Kinkade Celebrates Christmas in Art

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Christmas Cottage Thomas Kinkade has a particular affection for Christmas and the Holiday Season and his related artwork are among the favorites of many collectors.

"The holidays are a buffet for the senses, and Thomas Kinkade's holiday themes capture these spectacular images".

Village ChristmasAccording to his biography, America's most collected artist had a Tom Sawyer-like childhood in the Norman Rockwellesque hometown of Placerville, California. These days you can have a "Thomas Kinkade tour" in Placerville visiting his school, the original gallery, and the Christmas Victorian Homes he has painted which are actual houses in Placerville.

Cobblestone ChristmasMany of Thomas Kinkade's cottages are based on actual homes in the English countryside or in the San Francisco bay area, or Placerville near Sacramento. His cottages glow with a warm and fuzzy light, recalling a nostalgic, idyllic past——that never existed for him. Thomas was raised by a single parent and was always told to switch lights off to save on utility bill. Silent NightHe walked home to a dark and cold home in Winter (all lights off). For Thomas, the light in his paintings "represents God's presence and influence." The Painter of Light™ warns us of the pitfalls of light deprivation.

"For three long years I lived in arctic Lapland, where winters are inconceivably cold and interminably dark. Like many people lacking sunlight, I became affected with S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder), and daily I battled with feelings of desolation and melancholia."
I think it is a triumph of the soul that he has mastered the effects of light and shade and sold more canvases than any other painter in history~~ More than Picasso, Rembrandt, Gaughin, Monet, Manet, Renoir and Van Gogh combined.
(60 minutes, CBS)

Christmas MoonlightTThomas Kinkade was born in 1958 and grew up in Placerville, California, (near Sacramento) with his mother, older sister and younger brother. His family knew very early on that Thomas was a gifted artist. At age 4, he was correcting the perspective of a roadway that his sister had drawn beside a house in a picture. From that age on, his direction was set. By age 13, he was painting at a professional level in oil, much to the amazement of his fine art teachers at the local high school. He sold his first painting at age 11 for $7.50. The woman who bought it remembered thinking at the time, "I'd better hold onto this picture. It will probably be worth something someday."

St. Nicholas CircleNearly all Christmas/Winter/Snow scene Thomas Kinkade painted has become a best seller escalating in value annually. St. Nicholas Circle (shown here to the right) was painted in Norman Rockwell Studio in Arlington Virginia. Norman Rockwell was a big hero of Thomas' (he owns several original Normal Rockwells') St. Nicholas Circle looks like a Norman Rockwell painting -pure Americana!

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